Optimise Network Traffic for Remote Users with Spilt Tunnelling

Configuration Manager (SCCM) | Split Tunneling

The demand for split tunnelling optimisation has always been there, but in today’s world when remote users and employees make up a high percentage of users, why have optimised the corporate network, helping to prevent unnecessary bandwidth throttling, poor connectivity, frustrated users and decreased productivity.

With the right changes to your infrastructure, you can have a happy team…get yourself up and running with VPN Split Tunneling…essentially sending VPN connected corporate data, over the corporate network and for all although traffic directly to the internet..taking the load off the on-premise corporate network.

The remote user will also benefit as the latency will be less, Microsoft will not be charging you to download or store and resilience as going direct to Microsoft Sites, plus the cost-saving on data traffic

Everyones a winner.

Get started at

Manging Patch Tuesdayhttps://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/configuration-manager-blog/managing-patch-tuesday-with-configuration-manager-in-a-remote/ba-p/1269444

Office 365https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/enterprise/microsoft-365-vpn-implement-split-tunnel?view=o365-worldwide

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