Configuration Manager (SCCM) | Operating System Deployment (OSD) | BIOS Updates | With and Without Password Set

With the heightened demand for securing hardware through Firmware and OS Security Updates, an example BIOS Update Task Sequence has been outlined below. It shows how to add BIOS updates as part of your Windows Operating System Deployment process or Post Deployment Task. The BIOS Firmware updates covered in this article are for the topContinue reading “Configuration Manager (SCCM) | Operating System Deployment (OSD) | BIOS Updates | With and Without Password Set”

Configuration Manager (SCCM) | Operating System Deployment (OSD) | Summary Screen | Basic

You may have seen a previous post describing how to implement an advanced script that is used at the end of an Operating System Deployment to indicate that the build has been completed The advanced script provided quite a lot of detail about the build, such as architecture, drivers, applications, variables values etc….but what ifContinue reading “Configuration Manager (SCCM) | Operating System Deployment (OSD) | Summary Screen | Basic”

Configuration Manager (SCCM) | Application and Package Clean-up

Is it that time of year, when you are getting asked to make room on the Distribution Points and perform some housing keeping in the Configuration Manager enviorment Then this script could be the tool for you…..helping to identify potential unused applications and packages that could be removed The original script author was Matt BobkeContinue reading “Configuration Manager (SCCM) | Application and Package Clean-up”

Task Sequence – Split Times

Seen a few examples out there where others have been outputting the start and end times of a Task Sequence to a text file, so wanted to take this one step further and provide you with Split Timings of a running Task Sequence The script will write to a comma-separated log file of each time it is called andContinue reading “Task Sequence – Split Times”

Windows 10 Update | Before and After | Drivers, Packages, Language Packs and FODs

A set of scripts that can be added to your Windows 10 Upgrade Task Sequences that will show you the differences between, drivers, packages, Language packs and FODs before the upgrade and after an upgrade These can be used as QA checks to ensure the Upgrade has performed as expected, or purely just something to play with Just add the set of scripts before the Upgrade and theContinue reading “Windows 10 Update | Before and After | Drivers, Packages, Language Packs and FODs”

VMWare VSphere | Post Install | Guest Customization

The scripts have been designed to run Post Deployment to install any Applications, Configurations, Scripts etc that can not be included as part of the core image, before SysPrep 1 – Create V-Sphere Virtual Machine Create a Virtual Machine as per your standard practice and install any applications, scripts than can be part of the core image (before SysPrep) andContinue reading “VMWare VSphere | Post Install | Guest Customization”

HP UWP | Application and Driver Pack Deployment

With the move to the DCHU driver model many of the typical tray applications have migrated to a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application. These applications are typically installed from the Windows Store into a specific user profile. However, in environments where the Windows Store is blocked or IT needs to deploy these applications as partContinue reading “HP UWP | Application and Driver Pack Deployment”

Desktop Analytics | Prepare For Update

Whether it is a Windows 10 Feature Update or Office 365, get the foundations right equals an easy update Desktop Analytics is a cloud-based service that integrates with Configuration Manager. The service provides insight and intelligence for you to make more informed decisions about the update readiness of your Windows clients. It combines data fromContinue reading “Desktop Analytics | Prepare For Update”

Windows 10 Upgrades | Troubleshooting unsuccessful Upgrade

Its going to happen, we don’t live in perfect world….you are going to experience devices that unfortunately do not upgrade successfully But here to help is the SetUpDiag SetupDiag is a standalone diagnostic tool that can be used to obtain details about why a Windows 10 upgrade was unsuccessful. SetupDiag works by examining Windows SetupContinue reading “Windows 10 Upgrades | Troubleshooting unsuccessful Upgrade”

Configuration Manager (SCCM) | OSD | Multiple Hard Drives | Basic

Ever had multiple disks hardware builds and the Operating System is not getting installed on the expected hard drive…..well here are steps to overcome that The script will identify the total number of Physical Disks excluding ‘BusType’ USB and order by ‘Size’ – smallest to largest. The default configuration sets the ‘smallest’ sized hard driveContinue reading “Configuration Manager (SCCM) | OSD | Multiple Hard Drives | Basic”