Cleanup – Easily Find Unused Application and Package in MECM

Configuration Manager (SCCM) | Application and Package Clean-up Is it that time of year, when you are getting asked to make room on the MECM Distribution Points and perform some housing keeping in the Configuration Manager environment as you edge or reach full capacity and the IT budget just has no money to expand orContinue reading “Cleanup – Easily Find Unused Application and Package in MECM”

Get Task Sequence Feature Upgrade Split Times

Executing a lengthy In-Place-Upgrade Task Sequence within Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager and have been asked for a breakdown in timing for each of the Upgrade Steps to complete the Feature Update, then read on Seen a few examples out there where others have been outputting the start and end times of a Task Sequence toContinue reading “Get Task Sequence Feature Upgrade Split Times”

HP UWP Application and Driver Pack Deployment

HP UWP | Application and Driver Pack Deployment With the move to the DCHU driver model, many of the typical tray applications have migrated to a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application. These applications are typically installed from the Windows Store into a specific user profile. However, in environments where the Windows Store is blocked orContinue reading “HP UWP Application and Driver Pack Deployment”

Desktop Analytics Prepare For Feature Updates

Desktop Analytics | Prepare For Update Whether it is a Windows 10 Feature Update or Office 365, get the foundations right equals an easy update Desktop Analytics is a cloud-based service that integrates with Configuration Manager. The service provides insight and intelligence for you to make more informed decisions about the update readiness of yourContinue reading “Desktop Analytics Prepare For Feature Updates”

Troubleshooting Unsuccessful Windows 10 Upgrades

Windows 10 Upgrades | Troubleshooting unsuccessful Upgrade Its going to happen, we don’t live in perfect world….you are going to experience devices that unfortunately do not upgrade successfully But here to help is the SetUpDiag SetupDiag is a standalone diagnostic tool that can be used to obtain details about why a Windows 10 upgrade wasContinue reading “Troubleshooting Unsuccessful Windows 10 Upgrades”

Optimize Windows 10 Update Delivery with Configuration Manager

For many customers, a successful path to getting and staying current with Windows 10 monthly updates starts with a good content distribution strategy using Configuration Manager. The size of the monthly quality updates can be a cause of concern for large organizations. There are a few technologies available that are intended to help reduce bandwidthContinue reading “Optimize Windows 10 Update Delivery with Configuration Manager”

The complete guide to WSUS and Configuration Manager SUP maintenance

Questions are often along the lines of How should I properly run this in a Configuration Manager environment, or How often should I be running this maintenance. It’s not uncommon for conscientious Configuration Manager administrators to be unaware that WSUS maintenance should be run at all. Most of us just set up WSUS servers because it’s aContinue reading “The complete guide to WSUS and Configuration Manager SUP maintenance”

Optimise Network Traffic for Remote Users with Spilt Tunnelling

Configuration Manager (SCCM) | Split Tunneling The demand for split tunnelling optimisation has always been there, but in today’s world when remote users and employees make up a high percentage of users, why have optimised the corporate network, helping to prevent unnecessary bandwidth throttling, poor connectivity, frustrated users and decreased productivity. With the right changesContinue reading “Optimise Network Traffic for Remote Users with Spilt Tunnelling”

SetupConfig.ini Used to Make Feature Updates Easy

Configuration Manager (SCCM) | Windows 10 Servicing | Setupconfig.ini Had trouble in the past using Configuration Manager (SCCM) Windows 10 Servicing to upgrade your Enterprise Clients to the latest Windows 10 Feature Release. Then take a look at By customising the clients SetupConfig.ini you can now take control of the upgrade process, injecting drivers,Continue reading “SetupConfig.ini Used to Make Feature Updates Easy”

Configuration Manager (SCCM) Video Tutorials

Configuration Manager (SCCM) | Video Tutorials This guy has you covered (Justin Chalfant), and is fast becoming one of my favorite go-to sites. Not only does he have everything to do with the setup and configuration of Configuration Manager (SCCM), but he also has a plethora of excellent video tutorials, broken down into bite-sized modules, covering all aspects of SCCM automation. With the bonus of the video tutorials backed by TechNet and Microsoft Docs documentationContinue reading “Configuration Manager (SCCM) Video Tutorials”